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Epic Games 620 Crossroads Blvd. Cary, NC 27511



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Unreal Generalist

Unreal Generalist


UE3 – 1.5 years professionally
UE4 – 4.5 years professionally

Responsibilities at Epic Games

Monthly Release Testing
FX and Matinee Test Map Creation
Mobile and Platform
Hardware Compatibility

I’d like to note that there is some work that I can only show privately and is available upon request.

Unreal Generalist Reel:

Project List

Black Eyed Peas Experience:
These shots are only shots that I did much of the work on.
Most of the shots are from the Venue Upgrade Sequences, which typically involved the BEP transforming the environment in some form.

We were only responsible for the cinematics for BEP.  There are more details on my BEP project page.

Facial Animation Demo:
My main responsibilities were taking care of everything engine related.
The model is from the Captain America Game trailer that Pendulum Studios worked on.  See more on the project page.

My final project from college.  The core team was 9 people.
A lot of time over the last 2 weeks of production were spent on polish.  However, most of the polish was simply adding more meshes.  I decided to add some ambiance.  Most of this was achieved through Particle effects and modifying sounds from our library.  There was some lighting adjustment, but that was mostly a teammate’s job.

All “Black Eyed Peas Experience” media content is the property of Ubisoft and iNiS.

Music used with the permission of Tomáš Dvořák.  Track is “Mr. Handagote” from the game Machinarium