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Key Frame, Mocap, Basic Rigging


Animation has weaved its way in and out of my career.  It has been a cornerstone of my skillset and something that I have always enjoyed.  All of my experience in college was with key frame or hand drawn animation.  Then, after being hired as an Unreal Cinematic Artist, I worked my way into a Mocap Animator Position at Pendulum Studios.

I ended up spending the majority of my time at Pendulum working on Data Cleanup, Retargetting, Blending Mocap Takes, Fixing Motion, Finger/Facial Key Framing.

Following that, my time at Epic was spent honing my skills with Animation Systems and Cinematic Tools.  A good bit of rigging came with the territory as well.

Amazing Spider-Man Game - Opening Sequence (Expand for Info)

We were in charge of all of the cleanup and animation for the Cinematics.  My main assignment was the opening cinematic(below).

My Tasks:
Blending Takes
Anim Cleanup
Finger Animation
Rigging/Simulating Tail Physics

More information is available on my Amazing Spider-Man project page

iYoga Animation Cleanup (Expand for Info)

iYoga is a mobile app that acts as an encyclopedia for Yoga poses and the muscles that they target.  We were responsible for everything from the Mocap to the Rendering.  The video below simply demonstrates some of the finished renders.

My Tasks:
Anim Cleanup
Tweaking Muscles

More information is available on my iYoga Premium project Page

Animation Exercises (Expand for Info)

With the exception of the M4 Reload, all of the following is mocap cleanup.  If any additional description was required, it’ll be shown in the video itself

Simple Prototyping Rig (Expand for Info)

This is a brand new rig (as of May 2014) that I have created simply for prototyping purposes.  More functionality will be added as needed(finger, toe, facial controls).  Some basic gameplay animations will be made as well.

Note:  I did not capture painting weights
Skip to 6:40 to see the Final Rig (sans correct skin weights)